World Wide Royalty Tax Recovery

Our clients receive Royalties for occasional or permanent use of their Intellectual Property in other countries.


ROYALTY WITHHOLDING TAX is often withheld from royalty payments paid by foreign users of your licensed Intellectual Property, Patents, and Know-How.

ROYALTY WITHHOLDING TAX – or RWT as we call it – burdens your hard-earned income from Intellectual Property, Patents, and Know-How, often with tax rates as high as 30%.

Foreign Tax authorities regularly apply rules to ensure that Royalties (for example on rights protected with copyrights or patents) are taxed by a Withholding Tax deducted from payments to the owner of the Intellectual Property as well as payments to performing artists.


Paying Royalties to patent owners in foreign countries may require withholding Royalty Withholding Taxes (RWT).

Receiving Royalties from foreign countries may require paying foreign RWT (Royalty Withholding Tax).


Withholding Tax rates range between 10% to 30% and could be recovered or reduced with our RWT service. Sometimes it is even possible to recover this Withholding Tax retroactively for more than one year.

The fee for our services is 19% of all REFUNDED or RECOVERED or REDUCED amounts, payable to us after you have received the refunded assessment from the foreign tax authorities. NO down payment or retainer fee is requested. We will not send you an invoice if we don’t succeed with your claim.


We can offer you our RWT recovery service (in applicable countries) by either

–            FILING A REFUND claim for Royalty Withholding Taxes

–           REDUCING the rates of Royalty Withholding Taxes

–           Or even REMOVING the Royalty Withholding Taxes in advance for applicable countries


So, if you are interested to save on foreign taxes, we can help.