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Not many others do what we do, we want to let you know what makes us unique and why we should be your choice.


We have dealt with international tax work and refunds for many years so we are able to provide you with our experience to deliver the best results.


We do organized research, do complete and correct filing, and follow up with you in time.


We provide tax benefits for owners and users of Intellectual property in very interesting, commercial, technical and cultural projects.

Can we help?

If you RECEIVE or PAY Royalty Withholding Tax from foreign countries as a return for Patents, Licenses, or other Intellectual Property

Foreign tax authorities take a cut before the royalty payments arrive at your bank account.

We file Royalty Withholding Tax Refund/Recovery claims for you in all applicable countries.

How many years retroactive can we file for you?

What countries?

Send us an email at admin@royaltytaxrecovery.com

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